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Columbia Fourth of July

Doesn’t Our Country Look Good in Red, White and Blue? COLUMBIA FIREFLIES: Catch the Fireflies at Spirit Communications Park from Friday, June 30 through Monday, July 3, as they square off against the Rome Braves. Will there be fireworks? Heck yeah – Friday, Saturday and Monday nights. 1640 Freed St. LEXINGTON BLOWFISH: […]

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Misconceptions About the Common Crack

Source: Misconceptions About the Common Crack

Misconceptions About the Common Crack

Columbia Home Builder With Luxury Floor Plans

Misconceptions About the Common Crack

June 10, 2015

Are you concerned about cracks in your house or building? Cracks can be unsightly, but are they an indication of serious structural distress or possibly unsafe conditions? Cracks appear in brittle materials such as concrete, sheetrock, tile, wood, stone, brick, and stucco. Structural distress does cause cracks, but the vast majority of cracks are not structural in nature.

Cracks are most commonly caused by expansion and contraction of building materials due to changes in moisture content and temperature. These types of cracks do not represent a structural concern. Concrete, mortar, grout and stucco can shrink and crack for months after construction as they slowly dry and lose moisture. Shrinkage cracks in concrete floor slabs are expected and very common, and do not compromise structural integrity. Wood framing, wood floors, and trim can also shrink as the wood…

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About New Homes in Columbia SC

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