Extra Cash for Anybody

Everybody sees those advertisements that tell you how you can work from home and make thousands of dollars either taking surveys, blogging, reading or being “personal shoppers”.  Much like people think they can be a “part time ” real estate agent- it really never happens, as you are all in or not at all.

However, I am one who looks at everything as an opportunity, either to see another sales presentation to use in training, or writing and follow these carefully. Company’s would not pay thousands of dollars advertising to folks, if at some point, they were not actually getting something out of it!!! So many of these “opportunities” require an upfront investment to join a club of sorts and so on and so on. Yet, people are doing it! Do people actually recoup this and more eventually? I don’t know, as my optimistic attitude has always run out after the initial investment being well into the 100’s of dollars!

What I can say does sound too good to be true is E-Bates. There was no investment to join, and it is a quick easy application you install on your browser bar. For those of you that do all of your shopping online, office supplies, order groceries online, holiday shopping online- it is fabulous. You must synchronize a Paypal account with it, however you receive a payment quarterly  that is essentially CASH!  Seriously- it is that easy.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

You can receive anywhere between 1-20% of your entire purchase in a cash payment every 90 days, depending on the store you shop at.  It does sound too easy, and too good, however I received on average $80  four times a year into my Paypal account to spend on little luxuries for myself.  You can’t beat FREE cash without extra work in today’s world.  Try it out, share it with your friends and you can earn even more savings!!!  If you sign up at Ebates.com  you can join immediately.  I also believe you can double up (but have not tried this yet) with JoinPiggy.com
Shop online at your favorite stores and earn automatic cashback!


I have not actively received anything back from Piggy yet, however they seem to take a bit longer on verification and not as many stores to choose from. So far both have the same programs, and I know I am happy with my Ebates experience.

Happy Shopping and Happy Savings!!!



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