What you need to know about blogs and blogging

What you need to know about blogs

There are some very interesting blogs on the net. People that follow particular ones will check in daily to see if there are any new postings. These types can be about any subject. Crafts, home making idea, remodeling, fishing, UFOs, childcare, politics, international recipes and many other subjects all have dozens of blogs that are written by both amateurs and professional writers.

A blog needs to be brief. Readers on the net don’t have the same attention spans or reading needs as people that are reading instruction manuals or novels. People on the net are looking for the condensed version. They also tend to read in an “F” pattern, which is the farther down the page they go, the less they absorb.

Blogs have to be well written in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you are going to write one, you will want to pay close attention to spell check and proof things carefully. Readers often turn off if they feel there are too many errors.

Content is important for several reasons. It drives traffic to your site but also helps the search engines find you. Always make sure that anything you post is original and not something that was copied from somewhere else.

When possible, try to have a fresh look at old topics. In some businesses, there are only so many things that people can talk about. Having a new look at old problems is something most people find interesting.


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