Helpful Tips for Choosing CRM

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Helpful Tips for Choosing CRM

Written By: Lena-Kettering on July 15, 2012

9 Keys for Selecting the Right CRM

Research is necessary before changing the CRM vendor for any company. With CRM Comparisons you should be fully aware of the facts about the vendor and its offerings before selecting the same. There are several keys that will undoubtedly help you in purchasing the right CRM plan for your company. The 9 keys selecting the right CRM system are as follows:

1. Compatibility of the CRM System:

A CRM system can be accomplished only, when it is compatible with all the popular browsers and devices. That does not necessarily mean that every salesperson will have one particular device and will use one particular browser. Hence, from the company’s point of view, it is noteworthy that every salesman gets to use the system for which compatibility is an essential criterion for selecting the right CRM.

2. Look for an Innovator and Not a Follower

It is necessary to get those vendors who are innovators in the industry as they change as per technology dynamics and hence will provide more value to the customer.

3. Focus of the Vendor:

Another criterion to select the vendor for CRM system is the focus of the vendor. You must check whether the vendor is doing business wholly around CRM or CRM is a part of its small business. If the vendor’s focus is CRM, then your company might get several benefits else you need to do more investigations.

4. Viability of the Vendor:

Viability of the vendor is a crucial factor for deciding in the buying process of CRM system. It is necessary to be associated with an established public company. If any bigger company can gain the vendor’s business in the near future, then it can be a disadvantage for the customers of smaller vendor.

5. Customer Rating for the Seller’s Third Party Products Eco-System:

The customer rating of the products of the third party product eco-system of the seller is a deciding factor in the buying process of the CRM system.

6. Ability to use Email Clients Other than Outlook

Though most of the emails are found in the Outlook system, with the rapid growth in technology, the use of mobile devices like iPad has increased magnificently. Hence, the CRM system must be checked for the possibility to integrate emails from other devices like iPad etc. into CRM contacts apart from the Outlook system.

7. Data Security, Disaster Recovery and Redundancy:

In case of cloud solutions, your company needs to rely on the vendor for any mishandling with the data. Vendor’s infrastructure and plans for data security, disaster recovery and redundancy are another measure in selecting the vendor for purchasing CRM system.

8. Ability to Integrate with Other Solution or Legacy Applications:

You must ensure that the CRM vendor has a reliable and effective API wherein they have done a lot of research and development. You must avoid selecting those vendors wherein API process is still going on.

9.Vendor’s Social Media Strategy:

Social media strategy of the vendor will help you to understand the visibility of their products in the market. In the era of competition, in order to develop and thrive, companies want to highlight and increase the visibility of the products. These days, companies manage social media extensively to increase traffic and for communication.

So, follow these 9 keys for selecting the right CRM system and evaluating the right CRM vendor.


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