Life Is Opportunity

ImageLife Is Opportunity
Life is opportunity! Every day, All seem it gray, Can stimulate new thought.
Chance is not what rules the world There’s purpose everywhere, It’s just for us to recognize The pearl that’s waiting there.
The opportunity for us,
To learn and serve and grow. The harder that the ‘problem’ seems The higher we can go.
What is ours will come to us, So fear becomes inept. Just find the gift in everything And we’ll become adept.—–Poem-author unknown

Kathryn Reynolds is a Chapel Hill,North Carolina based Internet, Media and Brand Marketing consultant that provides select consulting services to small to medium-sized clients in North Carolina. She has assisted Real Estate Agents, Home Builders and Lenders in the area’s of Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, GreensboroWinston Salem and Wilmington North Carolina.  Kathryn also assists in marketing for industry trades such as building suppliers, installers and servicers.

Ethics  To evaluate the most cost-effective way to produce results and protect the best interest of the client.

Experience and Passion  Over sixteen years of involvement in real estate, lending, home-building, non-profits, marketing and leadership.

Achievement  The process of assisting in an organization/individual(s) growth and to see accomplishment.


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