Marketing Quote This Week-6-5-2012- SEO, Real Estate, Builders, Consulting, Marketing- Kathryn Reynolds- North Carolina

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”
by Zig Ziglar


What does this mean to you?


My thoughts:  In advertising, people want you to tell them what they need to buy.  I am horrible for this practice myself.  Every time a “new and improved” formula comes out in a shiny new bottle ( shampoo, soft drink, cookies, detergent etc.) I HAVE  to buy it.  Needless, there was nothing “improved” about it other than an increase of fifty cents, a shiny label and a few more sparkles.  Maybe I had an extra coupon that gave me ten cents off the extra fifty cents I spent.  Possibly, the manufacturer placed a donation…..either way, a need was created and I bought the product.  I increased the stock holder’s pockets for a week!  

In marketing, you must always find ways to prove a need for your product.  The prospect must be able to identify with the characteristics of the need.  By building a relevant promotion, ad, or story your chances to further your introduction of your services/product is much higher.

Questions to ask yourself when developing a campaign:

  •  “Who is my audience?”
  • “Why do I need this product?”
  • “What would make me need to purchase this product?”

 Amazingly enough, asking these questions helps you select the theme of your campaign.  Should you be a window installer, the answer to these questions could start a very humorous  ad campaign and make the phone ring non-stop!!


Kathryn Reynolds is a Chapel Hill,North Carolina based InternetMedia and Brand Marketing consultant that provides select consulting services to small to medium-sized clients in North Carolina. She has assisted Real Estate AgentsHome Builders and Lenders in the area’s of Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro,  Winston Salem and Wilmington North Carolina.  Kathryn also assists in marketing for industry trades such as building suppliers, installers and servicers.

Ethics  To evaluate the most cost-effective way to produce results and protect the best interest of the client.

Experience and Passion  Over sixteen years of involvement in real estate, lending, home-building, non-profits, marketing and leadership.

Achievement  The process of assisting in an organization/individual(s) growth and to see accomplishment.


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