Quote for today 5-9-2012

“Success doesn’t come to you;you go to it. ” Marva Collins

When we are children, many of our books had some sort of lesson obtained within the story. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, ” Good Night Moon” and of course, “The Little Engine That Could”.  The little engine never quit, no matter how discouraged she got or mocked by her peers.  She in her own way, went after success.

Starting your day with a positive attitude is not always the easiest thing to do with the likely occurrences of a morning ritual (i.e. traffic, spilled coffee, carpool line, forgotten lunch, children, etc).  Regardless, a positive feeling of making each day more productive and able to get the goals you have set forth will allow you to do exactly that : meet the goals you have set!

Success comes in many forms.  It can be within your career, your bank account, your family and many more. You decide which way you weigh success, but make sure you chase after it every day!

Kathryn Reynolds is a Chapel Hill,North Carolina based Internet, Media and Brand Marketing Consultant that provides select consulting services to small to medium-sized clients in North Carolina. She has assisted Real Estate Agents, Home Builders and Lenders in the area’s of Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, GreensboroWinston Salem and Wilmington North Carolina.  Kathryn also assists in marketing for industry trades such as building suppliers, installers and servicers.

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