Are you still killing trees?

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As requested:

As many keep asking what am I doing now?  I have added a page that itemized the services I am offering to the agents, homebuilders and now loan officers (after several inquiries!)!

Now, I really don’t want to be the bearer of bad news : paper media is out…………

Short of having some nice collateral to give people at an open house, brand campaigns, listing flyers, smaller markets where computer usage is scarce (?), over 80% of buyers find their agent and home on the internet.

As so many people in the Real Estate industry have made their business plans for 2012, we have all found that social media and marketing is key. No longer is a pen with your name and phone number enough for somebody to give you a call and remember your name, but you now need a constant “feed” of information coming live into their IM or Facebook page!

We even have ways to take part in a live video conference with Skype to speak with buyers from your website and explain documents page by page all by the click of the button– does your webpage do this? Can you do the web chat on your phone for today’s buyer?

You may not be ready for that………

You may just want to get your listings into an email format that isn’t an attachment each time to make sure it gets viewed by the recipient.

Let me know how I can help you stay on the leading edge of technology, and in the mean time, let’s work on some direct marketing campaigns while we get you set up on camera!


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