Who is Making Sales Calls…………..(without leaving your desk?)

At my desk
At my desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marketing Ideas for Builders, Agents and Lenders

Just curious……..

Have you made sure that you are branding yourself by linking your signature line on your email to your:

Web Page?

Blog Link?


Facebook site (work page of course!)?


Youtube- if you are SUPER savvy and have a video out there!

Blogger ID

This is just a reminder!! 

You don’t need to have ALL of these listed on your signature line, but at least two, as you can have link backs to support your entire social media campaign to aid in your marketing.  Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, New Home Builder, or a Mortgage Lender,  it is very important to make sure that you have as many social networking sites available to stay in touch with your audience!

Charlotte, Greensboro and the Raleigh  North Carolina area’s have more folks on social media and internet marketing campaigns to find the products they need for their home buying options.  North Carolina has a HUGE influx of folks relocating due to our stable real estate environment, economy and employment factors.  Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro markets are performing with positive statistical data showing up in national reports and now Fayetteville is starting to show up as well.  North Carolina is not your small state in the south anymore; it has made a name for itself with all of her econmical benefits.  You, as a provider, need to be seen within the mix of all the other resources they have to choose from.

 This is just a reminder!!

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation on how I can help you engage your branding campaign, SEO, drip marketing campaign or even set up your database for ease of prospecting new business with the social networking recourses available to you!

Kathryn Reynolds




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