Great New Article on Housing Today- US Business News Blogs – CNBC

Looks like making sure every avenue of your marketing is available is present and alive is very important as buyers hit the streets with this warm weather in the NC markets.


This article is a great update to the market and how our weather influences our buyers “moods”.  Not only are buyers out looking for homes, but they do their research on the internet prior to looking ( gas is too expensive to be driving around these days!)- you want them to find YOU on the search engines!!! If they are driving the night before picking up flyers, you want YOUR flyer to be the one they call in the morning!!!!  What makes your marketing different and how unique is YOUR brand?

Real Estate Agents, Lenders and New Home Builders:

Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro areas are HOT, with Fayetteville becoming a hot spot for folks too!! Send me an email to find out how we can work on your social media marketing, SEO, drip-marketing campaigns, updating your CRM and more!!


Did Warm Winter Steal Spring Housing? – US Business News Blogs – CNBC.


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