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The old phrase from AT&T “Reach out and touch…..”

That phrase in its own way meant more than most people know…………in a marketing world.

Staying in touch with your current, past and future clients is more important than ever as there are more social mediums, more competitive ways to engage business and more product available to choose from.

Why would a drip e-mail campaign and social media help you?

  • Your best sale is going to be one from a customer who has learned about you from another’s experience.
  • Your name showing up weekly is creating a “Brand Recognition” to be shared among co-workers, friends, and family.
  • Your technology and leading the industry standard is always in their “inbox” waiting to be opened.
  • By directing traffic back to your listings on your site, you are promoting your sellers home. You may already have a buyer and not know it!
  • You are developing a database of contacts for future business.  By staying in touch with these folks, they will remember you for a lifetime.
  • A web blog helps bring your ranks up in the search engine search’s.
  • You can print your email flyers and use them as collateral at open houses.

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There is no time like today to start marketing yourself on real estate in your marketplace.  I work in the Charlotte, NC area and the Raleigh, NC Area with market data available for Real Estate Agents, New Home Builders and Loan Officers.  I offer presentations on effective marketing to groups and plans to fit each organizations budget and needs.

Whether you are a New Home Builder, a Real Estate Agent, or a Mortgage Lender, call me and find out how we can put together a very cost efficient marketing program today.  Weekly plans are available!

Kathryn Reynolds


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