Raleigh average and median listing prices – Trulia.com

One way agents can create a marketing campaign is to create a unique specialty- Whether you work in one area or all areas, finding out all the specifics and trends of the areas is very important. Keeping up with market trends is not always found on the MLS, nor is reading the news in the paper.

Some great ideas to become a neighborhood specialist can be created by below:

  • Help sponsor snacks at a local HOA meeting in the Raleigh area you are concentrating on listing homes in.
  • Knowing the companies that are moving in with potential transferring employees is only going to help you be the specialist in the area where you work.  Make sure you call and make contact with the HR director. No matter how small they are, try setting up an appointment to meet with them.  They may have more people moving in the future and families often move other members to the area they have relocated to later.  They will need an agent too!
  • Meet the veterinarians in your area. See if you can promote yourself with flyers or even treats with your card on them.  How many renters have large dogs that need a yard and will be moving out of their apartment soon into a house?  They will need an agent to help them buy their home!


Networking is just the start- Keeping your name out there is very key so that when the words “sell, buy, house, and home” all come up- your name and number all come to mind!

A fast place to get some quick facts is the below site- 

Raleigh average and median listing prices – Trulia.com.


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